Hey Y'all, My name is Arelys (uh-rel-us) Arias-Rodriguez. I have been tufting since 2020, you know during the lockdown when we were forced to stay home. I picked up a bunch of hobbies during that time. I built my bed from scratch (you could catch me at Lowe's everyday!), worked on LED neon signs, built my back screen porch, learned how to play the piano (somewhat) and started tufting.

I first heard about tufting in a Tyler, The Creator interview. I then decided, why not. Let me try this out. I am not gonna lie, it was tough at first and I did give up. Tutorials online did not exist on this back then. I picked it back up when I got COVID, and perfected my craft. Anyone can tuft, you just need patience and a good playlist. If you were thinking of getting into tufting but did not know where to start. Come join a class. I will go over some tricks and tips I learned along the way and maybe we'll learn something new together. 

Can't wait to meet y'all!