Rug Tufting Workshop

lets make a rug together

Come join us this summer and tuft a rug in the Milk District area.

I know you've been seeing people tufting on Tik Tok and on Instagram. Now is your chance to try it out yourself. C'mon over to Rugged Perspective and pick a new hobby you can brag to your friends about. Can't wait to meet y'all <3

July’s Calendar

July Workshops

July is here!! We got a place you can hang with A/C! Come spend some time with us and create a rug. Themed events for the month:

July 28th - Peru Independence day. We will be tufting Peru's flag, Llama's or Machu Picchu.

July 30th-August 3rd - Art show with local tufting artist. Doors open 7PM - Music by Demi Korrin

July 20th - Craft Cafe is back again!! RSVP and select from a menu a craft you want to make. RSVP your slot here - Craft Café Reservations - Sign Up Here

Follow on ig @Jennyfermarieart for other artsy pop ups. She's dope!

August workshop dates will be posted July 16th

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Local artst showcase - Tufters

Art Exhibit July 30th 7pm

Private Workshop

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  • Where do I get my design? You pick your own design and upload it at checkout. I recommend any design with enough open space. That way you're creating straight lines for the most part.
  • I don't know what to make!? So many choices, you can do a cartoon character, flowers, sports logo, anime, album, original artwork etc..
  • How big are the frames? 2x3 and 3X3
  • Can two people work on one frame? No, it is one person per frame.
  • Date Night (tuft sesh). Do I buy one or two tixs? It is one ticket per couple. You will be working on the same frame together (oh to be in love *siiigh)
  • I have the supplies but don't know how to use the tufting gun. Email me and we can show you.
  • I am not crafty. Can I do this? Absolutely, anyone can and super easy.
  • I'd like to celebrate my birthday here. Yes, come thru! Email us so we can close the class to just your group. We love Birthdays!
  • Am I gonna F it up? Not anything too noticeable. Plus our team members will be there to help. No one is gonna know